Anna Nicole - get everything and lose the most valuable

Playboy Girl of the Year, actress, model, producer, screenwriter and just a beautiful woman - that's what Anna Nicole Smith, a simple girl from a provincial town, could become.

Vicki Lynn Hogan (Anna's real name) was born in the small town of Mexia, Texas. The father left the family early. The mother worked as a police officer and could not look after the child, so the girl was brought up by her aunt, who loved her very much. After leaving school, Vicki Lynn went to work in fast food. There she met her first husband. The marriage lasted two years and Vicki and her young son went to Houston to make a career. 

The lack of higher education did not allow her to get a good job and she went to a strip club. During this work, she dyed her hair blonde and became like Marilyn Monroe. Then she enlarged her breasts, but later she was so carried away by implants that she enlarged her breasts to an unrealistically large size. Once a strip club was visited by billionaire Jay Howard Marshall. He fell in love with a blonde girl, despite the fact that he was 90 years old and she was 26. 

1992 was a very important year for Vicki Lynn - it was then that she was offered to become the advertising face of Guess, after which she took on the pseudonym Anna Nicole Smith. It was then that Hugh Hefner chose her to shoot the March issue of Playboy and she began to be called "the second Marilyn Monroe." She soon became Playboy Girl of the Year. From fame and fortune she was blown away, she was addicted to drugs and alcohol. And because of her strong appetite, she had problems with weight. 

Soon, Anna Nicole married Jay Howard Marshall. The age difference did not bother her, nor did the fact that he moved in a wheelchair. She told the whole world that she loved him, but no one believed it.  Jay Howard died 14 months after the wedding. A series of scandals began in Anna's life. The fact is that the widow's husband did not mention her in his will, but she was not going to be left without a penny and a protracted lawsuit began with the Marshal's son. The actress won the case.

After the death of her husband, Anna Nicole began to return to normal life: she starred in a number of films and created her own talk show. In 2006, she gave birth to a girl from her ex-fiance. At that time, her twenty-year-old son dies from an overdose of antidepressants. The birth of the second most important person in her life and the death of the first was a real shock for her. A year later, the fashion model fell ill and was soon found unconscious - the actress died. Depression after the tragedy with Daniel and a lethal dose of medication drove her to her grave at the age of 39. What could she have achieved if she had not left life at that age? 

Anna Nicole made her way from fast food to Hollywood. She became the second Marilyn Monroe. She had a lot of both supporters and people who did not approve of her. I do not belong to this or that group of people. But I want to point out - she deserves respect only for achieving her dream. There are few people as strong as Anna Nicole Smith, and few of those strong people have been able to achieve what she did.