10 things that will never go out of style

Each of us is waiting for the appearance of fashionable novelties. But there are wardrobe items that are never destined to go out of fashion, because they are already considered classic and even basic things for creating stylish looks for every woman. What things do not lend themselves to a quick change of fashion and always remain relevant – read in the Garne selection.


Definitely the most basic and most relevant thing in a woman's wardrobe. Their cut is comfortable, the appearance – is always stylish, the style does not interfere with movements, but only focuses on the beauty of women's legs. If we talk about actual fabrics in the autumn-winter 2018 season, then corduroy, velvet and leather jeans are considered fashionable, and with regards to the styles of this season, then take a closer look at boyfriends, flared models and tight-fitting skinnies.

White shirt

This thing is the most necessary for every woman. A white classic shirt for men is suitable for both a business meeting and a walk with girlfriends. But modern trends still made adjustments to such a thing – shirts with corsets, large cuffs on the sleeves and a deep neckline are considered fashionable.

High boots

High-top boots and over the knee boots have become, perhaps, the most relevant trend of the coming winter. But such shoes are suitable only for thin and long-legged women and girls. Although, if you apply a few secrets, then young ladies with any type of figure can wear over the knee boots. For example:

- wear a maxi skirt or long dress in casual style;

- for owners of not very long legs, it is better to wear a straight shirt dress under the over the knee boots;

- it is better for short ladies to buy jackboots with heels;

- under high boots it is better to choose tights or stockings to match the outfit;

- "short-legged" it is better not to wear high-top boots with jeans or a mini skirt.


A thick classic raincoat will look good in an autumn or spring look, but when choosing it, it is better to give preference to an elongated model in nude colors. But a short raincoat is better to wear for short women.

Little black dress

This is an essential part of any women's wardrobe. It is suitable for everyday life and for a business look, while it can be easily turned into an evening dress by adding just a couple of bright accessories to the image.

Pencil skirt

An undoubted classic! With such an outfit, you can create a great business look, everyday or even evening, but with the right selection of the top: it can be a silk blouse, shirt or even a knitted sweater.

Sheath dress

The most successful idea of designers of the twentieth century. This dress model is very narrow and fits the figure very tightly, which focuses on the charms of the female figure. It is the sheath dress that the British Duchess Kate Middleton loves and constantly wears.

Long dress

Maxi dresses suit almost everyone, regardless of the type of figure. Therefore, feel free to put on a leather jacket, jacket, big glasses, high heels and grab a cross-body bag – and you are guaranteed a perfect look for every day.


Tight-fitting golf with a high stand-up collar in a thin knit made of warm wool or cotton will warm you well in cold weather and help make your look more than stylish. And if it is also dark green, red or white, then in combination with a short skirt, jeans or a midi skirt, this is a guarantee of the perfect look in the cold season.


Elegant high-heeled shoes with a pointed toe will help make your look more delicate and sophisticated. At the same time, nude, black and red are considered the most fashionable colors of this type of shoes at all times. 

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